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Prevent Crime with Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro | Vivint

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If you already have the security system, then the Vivint Doorbell Camera will take things to the next level. You’ll be able to see and speak to visitors as soon as your camera detects them or if they press the doorbell or knock.

Find out more about this camera from Vivint, including how it works and what you need in order to set it up. It’s a great way for homeowners who already have a security system installed to make their homes even safer!

This article will take you through what features come with this newer, pros & cons, and more advanced and why they are so helpful.

Why choose the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro?

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is the perfect choice for those who want to be both connected and in control.

The Vivint doorbell camera pro lets you monitor what’s happening at your front doorstep from anywhere, anytime with notifications when someone rings or buzzes so that you can decide whether it merits a trip downstairs. The peace of mind provided by this device will make sure that no one slips past unnoticed while keeping intruders away from the house!

Pros & Cons

  • Professional Installation
  • Up to 1080p Resolution with HDR
  • Smartphone Controls
  • Custom Rules and Notifications
  • Theft Deterrents (Lights & Siren)
  • Impressive 180-degree Field of View
  • Sleek and Modern Design
  • Requires Vivint Security System & Monitoring
  • Somewhat pricey 24/7 Monitoring Costs
  • Package Detection Feature Can be Finicky
  • No AI technology like facial recognition

Vivint Doorbell Camera Features

  1. HD video: This camera’s 720p HD is crisp but not as good as 1080p.
  2. With two-way communication, you will be able to communicate with who is at your front door and see them from the comfort of your living room. This way when someone asks if they can come in or not, you don’t have to get up off the couch!
  3. Custom notifications: You can choose to get alerts sent straight to your smartphone. If someone is detected at or near your front door, you will know about it right away! For an even more secure home, Vivint also offers the option of being notified if anyone rings your doorbell too.
  4. Night Vision: Nighttime Cameras Can Protect Your Home Break-Ins.
  5. Smart clip: Vivint’s smart home technology is like having a personal assistant that you can talk to! You get the option of playing back 30-second videos on demand, but it does cost extra every month.
  6. Playback option: Vivint offers the perfect solution. They offer continuous video recording so you can watch what’s happening at your house, 24 hours a day on demand, and playback through Vivint’s app or website. Vivint has options for those who want to continuously record their homes and have viewing access of recent events from any place with an internet connection in the world!
  7. Smart visitor detection: You will never know if someone is at your door unless they knock or ring the bell, but not to worry! This camera uses smart technology that automatically detects movement and alerts you via push notification on our app. It also has a wide-angle lens with excellent night vision so it can be used outside as well.
  8. Wide-angle lens: The 180-degree field of vision lets you see everything that is going on outside, giving you a better view than with any other type of lens.
  9. Smart home integration options: Vivint’s doorbell integrates with your smart home. Vivint’s doorbell will seamlessly work with other equipment, which means you can unlock the front entrance of your house for visitors if needed.
  10. Power options: You have the option of using a battery-operated doorbell or opting for wired installation to never be inconvenienced by dead batteries.
  11. Minimalist design: When people think of a traditional home, they might imagine large front doors with big security features. However, does this look inviting? The doorbell is small and modern which blends well into any aesthetic home design.

Vivint Doorbell Installation

Vivint Equipment
Vivint Equipment

Vivint’s professional installation ensures that you will be able to use your new security system with ease. A Vivint representative is always there for help, and this service comes at no extra cost!

Vivint provides an installation option in which a technician will come to the home of whoever purchases their services before proceeding with any installations or activations. This means both installing equipments so it’s ready right away as well as answering any questions about how everything works once they’re up and running.

As a homeowner you are usually limited to the extent of which you can customize your security system. Vivint allows for homeowners to save money by allowing them install their own systems with professional guidance and advice from an experienced technician, but installation is not included in any package plans offered.

Vivint provides customization options that range from buttons on doors or sirens around the house so they know when something has happened without having to be alerted 24 hours a day like many companies require of their customers.

Vivint Doorbell Pricing

Vivint doesn’t just sell you a security system, they customize it to your specific needs. This means that the pricing can vary depending on which package you purchase and what features are included in said package. For an exact quote of how much installing their professional grade home alarm will cost for them, call today!

You could spend $249 for the Vivint doorbell, but that doesn’t include installation. Our SecurityNerd was quoted a whopping $100 to install their entire system—until they caught wind of our timely promotion and waived it! The cost will depend on when you purchase your product as well as any current promotions or deals available at this time.

Vivint’s monthly monitoring costs includes the cost of equipment, so upfront payments are very low. You can also spread out your contract over 5 years with a payment plan option!

Home Automation Options

With Vivint products, you can see who is at your door from the safety of your couch! With a doorbell camera that automatically works with other Vivint products (including home automation options), this system allows users to control everything in one space. This means not only will you be able to see who’s ringing – but also unlock the doors if needed and turn on lights so it looks like someone is there even when they’re not!

Security Plans & System

Vivint doorbells are available to Vivint customers with a monthly monitoring plan. A system without cameras costs $39.99 per month, and for 2-camera systems the cost is $49.99/month while 4 camera system security plans are priced at just under $60 each month.

Security through simplicity. The Vivint Doorbell is nothing but a quick and easy way to protect your home from intruders that come knocking on the door. With one simple installation, you can install not only a powerful security system but also monitor what happens in front of your doorstep with its built-in camera!

If you want to make sure no unwanted guests get into your house while are away or just during certain hours when it’s too much trouble for visitors then this gadget could be exactly what you need!

The Bottom Line

The Vivint doorbell camera is an affordable option in the world of professionally monitored video cameras. They’re a solid choice if you want to see more than just what’s happening outside your front door and need 24/7 monitoring.

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