Rabot 1745 Beauty


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Rabot 1745 Beauty is all about natural components and products. They have a collection comprised of a whole host of products, from hand washes and shower gels, to fragrances, body butters and candles. Currently, you can buy the products both online and in-store at Hotel Chocolat stores.

Rabot 1745 Beauty Products

Coffee Body Scrub 280ml – $29.95

This is actually the Rabot Cafe house blend! How amazing is that? It’s an Arabica ground coffee mixed with cocoa butter and almond oil which makes it beautifully softening and nourishing. You’re meant to apply this to wet skin, however as it’s so moisturising, I find it it best on dry skin so you get the extra exfoliation that this product can offer. It smells absolutely amazing and it’s such a thick exfoliator, it really has that luxury feel to it. My skin feels so good after using it!

Liquid Chocolate Body Mask 200ml – $27.95

This is inspired by their Chocolate Delight experience in their St Lucia Hotel Spa and that doesn’t surprise me at all. This is definitely a spa treatment product. The smell is unreal, it smells like something you could eat! It’s super thick and a little goes a long way. Add this to your chosen area or areas, personally I’d cover my entire body in it, and then leave for a few minutes before washing off. I always find that the steam of the bath works amazingly with body masks. This leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth.

Cacao & Vanilla Votive 75g – $19.95

I’ve only really gotten into the delight that is diffusers these past few years. We always have to have one in the living room now as I love the gentle smell whenever you walk past. I just had to have this one as vanilla is my all-time favourite. This is mixed with Cocao giving it a woody musk smell to the sweet vanilla. I love it! Anything from the Rabot 1745 Beauty would make a perfect gift, but especially this.